About Private Wealth

Being one of the wealthiest countries with a strong GDP per capita, Singapore is home to common sources of wealth for the High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs). Hence, an idea was born to introduce Private Wealth as a one-stop private wealth management organisation with multiple sources of reliable knowledge required to attain strong financial goals. The creators of this website take pride in offering financial services education to selected HNWIs who are keen to attain mastery in the financial world. In other words, none of the mission or vision is to sell any services. 

It is a place where you can gain the necessary financial knowledge according to your needs. It is therefore extremely important to cater to each individual’s wants and needs, with a varying degree of customizations and complexity. Ranging from will-drafting and financing right up to private clients insurance, it should be a life-long learning journey to cover all bases to ensure the security of long-term financial well-being. 

Private Wealth incorporates the ease of accessibility to wealth management. In terms of hierarchy of needs, it can be simplified into four main categories, beginning from the most fundamental foundation which is wealth foundation followed by advanced wealth accumulation. Finally, wealth preservation would lead to the last stage which is proper wealth distribution.

Since the wealth management industry is gradually developing in Asia, there is a rising need to define the four categories as clearly as possible. Thus, with the requirement of specialized attention, Private Wealth is one the pioneer wealth management powerhouses in terms of providing these knowledge as clearly as possible.


“Scarcity & Abundance”

Just like a bicycle, life is all about balance in order to move forward. The presence of scarcity also means that there is an abundance of resources somewhere.

Having the “scarcity” mindset refers to the belief that nothing will ever be enough. On the contrary, an “abundance” mindset flows out of a deep inner sense of personal worth and security.


Metaphor about Pando Tree

Introducing the pando tree, one of the largest trees in the world as shown in the picture on the right. What exactly is the link between the slogan, “scarcity and abundance” and this particular tree? Find out more as you read!

There is no wonder that pando trees are among the oldest known living organisms. Weighing almost 6,000,000 kilograms, the 80,000-year-old trees are extremely strong and resilient against whatever harsh climate changes and external environment. 

The fact that they all share one root system is what makes them even more unique and precious. This is indeed what makes them abundant. On the other hand, the fact that their natural habitat is only in central Utah on the Fishlake National Forest makes them extraordinarily rare. 

Therefore, in this case, scarcity and abundance both come hand in hand in order to battle for a long term survival.

Wealth Building 

Aim: To provide one of the best resources if and when you are concerned about your career development route. Expanding your social circle by increasing your networking opportunities with relevant individuals also aid in the progression tremendously.

Wealth Management

Aim: To realise the importance of proper wealth preservation methods as well as to enhance your wealth. With appropriate and accurate wealth management education, these knowledge would amplify the positive impacts of fund investments the way you desire them to be.

Intergenerational Legacy 

Aim: To provide information when you are concerned about tax planning, regulation issues and topics regarding inheritance.

Social Legacy
Aim: To enable and encourage HNWIs in giving back to society as and when you want to. For instance, setting up a foundation is one of the common practices that can be done in order to leave a social legacy as a HNWI.

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