Making Sure Your Last Wishes Come True
• A book specially meant for the parents with special needs children.
• Proceeds from selling the books will be donated to Autism Charity.
• And also be used to translate the book into Chinese Language to benefit the Chinese Community.

1st day book launch on 27th June 2016 and this is the result on book launch day  :
50 copies of book ordered with $500 raised.
$250 donated to Autism Association (Singapore) and
$250 to start writing the FOC copy of the “确保我最后的愿望成真”. Thank you very much to my sibling, secondary school classmate, FB friend, ex-colleague, current insurer CEO and friends even i know for less than 30 mins. I hope you can obtain three benefits namely:
1) a very simple book talking about law (even my son can read it)
2) your contribution goes DIRECTLY toward the charity organisation like the Autism Association (Singapore)自闭症协会(新加坡)
3) you are part of the team to help Chinese educated people to obtain their personal RIGHT and making sure they can do something for their loved ones.