Probably The Most Value-For-Money Holistic Estate Planning Solutions

Powered by our own in-house Fintech capability, enabled by human technology and supported
by a panel of Legal Advisers and Accredited Medical Practitioners.

Designed for the people, by the people.


It has taken us a few years to reach here, but we have done it! 

More than just regular estate planning, we have developed a process powered by fintech solutions that enhances the estate planning journey to ensure you, and your loved ones, have a trouble-free experience. Our solution is affordable, simple, convenient, accountable & easy to apply.


We began with creating a very affordable online tool which helps citizens to draft a simple will within 10 minutes. As majority of the people would not necessarily need any legal advice (because their financial affairs and wishes are in fact quite simple), this DIY simple will-maker will suffice for them while demanding a low cost. 

Following this, we went on to writing bilingual set of estate planning guide books specifically tailored to those new to estate planning. As our legal framework is based in English, we had the original pair of books translated into the Chinese language to especially cater to the Chinese-speaking folks.

During this process, we had people coming to us, raising queries on how to do up an LPA (form 1), and as we helped guide them through the process, similar to the will, we come to realize that a large fraction of the people do not actually require legal advice to have their LPA completed. All they really needed was to understand the procedure, some keywords to be able to complete the form as well as have the LPA certified. However, LPA certification can cost up to $200 in professional fees. Hence, not only are we offering a complimentary service to help you fill out your LPA but we have also worked with a few hundred LPA accredited professionals and after many negotiations, are able to offer a real bargain just for you.

Having accumulated plenty of experience in settling insurance and CPF nominations, LPA form 1 and will-drafting, we also noticed that when appointing their Donee/ Executor/ Trustee/ Guardian, people could use a good monitoring system to ensure that their money is handled with good care. According to our research, there is no such system available yet in the market.

Henceforth, the Estate Management System (EMS) App was born on 8th Aug 2018. This user-friendly, yet comprehensive app is helpful in monitoring financial activities of the nominated individual. In addition, it can be personalised and customized to each individual preference and is highly affordable. Moreover, we place high importance on ensuring cybersecurity when deploying your app. 


As a father of an autistic child, I built this system in hope that it would benefit my son and those like him, alike. Please share so that your loved ones can also benefit from the effort we have put in for everyone.  I’ve pledged $2,000 to HCA Hospice Care regardless if I qualify for this crowdfunding. This is my personal donation, not from the crowdfunding.

Subsequently, half of our proceeds from the crowdfunding will also be given to HCA Hospice Care.


I am not legally trained nor am I an accredited LPA form issuer. However, I can still offer valuable guidance to people who would like to work with me. Our crowdfunding platform can be found at

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