Property Financing Loan

Clients who are in the process of purchasing properties can apply for a financing loan according to their needs and affordability. With various financing options, property ownership will be made easier. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to equip yourself with sufficient knowledge in order to find the best financing option for your commercial or residential property.

Property Refinancing Loan

Clients who are in need to apply for a refinancing loan for properties should make these decisions and choices wisely. Similar to most loans for extra financial support, your property loan is one of your biggest financial commitments. Take action now! Let’s find the best refinancing options to find the best interest rates that suit your wants and needs.

Business Loan

Staying competitive and alert can enhance the efficiency and profitability of running businesses. Besides, being resourceful is of paramount importance to handle various projects simultaneously. Inevitably, certain circumstances require a huge sum of extra funding within a short period which is more often than not, harder than expected. What happens when your loan approval does not get processed quick enough? 

This is when you should opt for proper financial assistance from reputable organisations in order to secure fundings from banks. Those funds are then disbursed to the business entity, where the loan will be repaid with the lowest interest rate over a period of time. Meanwhile, it is also a perfect opportunity for SMEs to discover various competitive business loans with the best interest rate packages to their preferences.



1. Complete our online form and we will contact you within the next working day to assess your koan application

2. Our consultants will advice on best rate suited to your needs and eligibility. Collection of documents from you in person or through email.

3. Our consultants will send documents to the bank for processing and provide regular updates to you


4. Approval from Bank


5. Consultant will arrange for joint meeting wit Banker to sign Letter of Offer with you.

Why Choose Us?

Time Efficient

We collate and compare loan packages from all Singapore Financial Instiutions

Best Rates

We receive the same referral fee from all the Financial Institutions, thus we provide a fair advice to our clients

Our Expertise

Well versed and dedicated team of consultants who provides latest information and insights to the hidden costs and terms of various packages offered by the Financial Institutions

Minimal Cost

No advisory cost to you for property financing and refinancing. Our advice fee is at a minimal cost to you with the Financial Institutions we refer to you for your business loan