LPA Process

Step 1: Consultation

The first session of your LPA Process with our consultants through Zoom Meeting, will cover the roles and duties of a Donee(s) and decide the person most suited to be your Donee(s). Any type of concerns and issues should be brought up during the session so that solutions can be provided for the roles and duties allocated. Thereafter, you will also be guided on how to draft the online LPA form via MSF.gov.sg.

Step 2: Witnessing of Donees’ signature

Once the LPA form filling is done, it should be sent to us 

Our consultants will then meet up with your Donees (preferably in one session) to:

  1. Explain the expectations and responsibilities as a Donee;
  2. Sight their signature on the completed LPA form.

Step 3: Certification by Accredited Medical Practitioner

When completing your LPA, the LPA Form will have to be witnessed and certified by an LPA certificate issuer. Any one of the following professionals in Singapore can be the certificate issuer for your LPA:

  1. A) a medical practitioner accredited by the Public Guardian;
  2. B) a practising lawyer*; or
  3. C) a registered psychiatrist

The LPA certificate issuer signs on the LPA Form as a witness for the Donor, to certify that the Donor has the mental capacity to make an LPA – he understands the purpose of the LPA and the scope of authority granted to Donees. The LPA certificate issuer also ensures that there is no fraud or undue influence used to induce the Donor to make the LPA.

Our Accredited Medical Practitioner will help each Donor to certify their LPAs and/or AMD at their given timeslot. We will assist with administrative work and help to hand deliver each certified LPA to the Office of Public Guardian.

Process Conclusion

Meet with us to complete the Care Plan as well as the Letter of Intent.

The Letter of Intent is not a legal binding document, however it is a detailed document that allows your Donee(s) to understand how you would like your assets, properties and affairs to be taken care of. Apart from that, it will also take the load of your Donee(s) as all the information will be easily accessed. This will be helpful for them and yourself as it is a good way for you to organise your matters while still having the mental capacity to do so.