Lost a Missing Piece


Written by Samuel Chiam Weng Foo




What people said about the book:

“A heartfelt recount of a man’s honest emotions and thoughts as the woman he loves battle through terminal illness.”
Wesley Toh

“Special read for me to know my friend and what she had gone through…
Heartbreaking yet encouraging to know how much strength and faith she has in God”
Tan Mei Lee

“A woman of God who embrace life to the fullest. A warrior who brave the storms of life.
A lover who sacrifice and give her all…Kudos to Tracy Teo”
Serene Yong

“Tracy has fought the good fight of faith.
This book shares the couple’s heartwarming journey of faith.”
Jennifer Ng

“A book that triggers the inner emotions and many thoughts provoking questions
about “Death” in me!”
Chen Yuan Juan