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I consistently upgrade myself to stay relevant and deliver greater value to my clients’ financial plans and personal lives. Currently, I’m a Financial Consultant with Bachelor of Engineering (1st class Honours) Electronics, Chartered Life Underwriter, Chartered Financial Consultant, Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner and few other professional certifications. I am an author 5 books, and you may click here to know more about me:


Testimonials & Referral Notes


Andrew Ang’s book is just what is needed. Having spent all my working life, some 48 years, in financial services, I well understand the importance of proper planning. It is no coincidence that as a successful financial adviser, my wife & I have wills that are updated regularly; we also have given our daughters Powers of Attorney in the event of either accident or a lessening of our capacity to make decisions over our own affairs.

I urge you to buy these essential & easy to read books then follow its advice. I can tell you from personal experience there is no sleep that comes easier than when we know our affairs are in order & our loved ones are taken care of.

Tony Gordon, April 2016

Ex-President, Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)

I met Andrew back in 2018 through an acquaintance. He is a passionate man with a big heart.

Despite not being his client, Andrew proactively encouraged me to do up my Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA). The entire process was no-frill for me; he charges only a nominal fee of $20 for his clients, but for me is complimentary.

When he heard that I missed out on claiming one of my insurance policy, he volunteered to assist me with the application, even though I am not his existing customer.

He loves his job, his family and his friends. If you are looking for an consultant who knows his expertise and stands by you when the need comes, he is the man. And I got my claim, despite missing the submission deadline.

Emily Sim, April 2021

DBS Bank



Andrew had been handling both my family insurance and investment. His professional working altitude complimented by his personal touch has made our interaction very pleasurable and profitable. Our investment portfolio has gained multiple folds under his watchful guardian. With this confidence, we also let Andrew handle my company’s insurance policy.

Ng Say Him, Managing Director, April 2021

CST Container Servies Pte Ltd


Andrew is very professional in his work and had provided very valuable advice for my financial planning. He is always ready to help and go the extra mile to fully understand my financial situation before providing the most appropriate solution. He is definitely more than just a financial planner. He is a good friend as well.

Glenn Goh, December 2018

Prime Minister Office (PMO)


Knowing Andrew for 20 years. He never pushes me to buy. He is very professional, patience, knowledgeable and a sincere friend. He has never stopped learning and always update himself with new policies, and acquiring new skillsets. Appreciate all his advice that have helped me in these 2 decades. Strongly recommend his service.

Tan Teng Leng Lawrence, March 2021

Head of R&D department, ifm electronic Asia Pte Ltd


Andrew is professional and a great friend who looks after my financial needs. He will go the extra mile and keeps regular communication with me.

Ho Hwee Ling, February 2021

Test Pilot, Singapore Armed Force (SAF)


Good service with fast respond. I just bought a car insurance plan from Andrew and he has been very helpful, informative and professional.

Clement Wang, December 2018

District Sales Manager, Spansion


Have met Andrew couple of times and he has always given his true, sincered and very good advices. Undoubtfuly, his advices is always from the client’s perspective and protecting our best interests. The recent LPA arrangement for me and my husband was a seamless one and totally free of charge. Despite not getting a single cent from us, he has offered his best efforts and is very accommodating to our availability. Both me and my husband has been discussing and pondering on doing the LPA for a long while, but Andrew has made it happened! Thanks Andrew for the good and selfless efforts. He is always a trusted advisor whom I will strongly recommend to anyone.

Joanne Chan, July 2021

Deputy Managing Director, Ames United Pte Ltd


The process of LPA was nicely organized & smooth. Best is this is no fee & helping us to be aware & get it done. Thx

Liew Siew Fong, March 2021

Business Operations, Cisco


I’ve known Andrew since 1991 and he had been following up regularly for all my insurance needs ever since he joined the industry 20 years ago. Recently, we have consulted him regards to home insurance and he was able to give his advice professionally. If you’re looking for value for money and excellent following up services, do consider Andrew.

Lee Chee Seng, April 2021

SAF Office, Ministry of Defence Singapore


I have known Andrew as a personal friend for about 10 years. Since we were in the Midshipman school (Naval Officer Cadet training school), he has been honest, upright, and an officer full of integrity. Due to these important qualities, I choose him to be my only financial planner. He is able to plan for me on saving, insurance, retirement, income taxes and estate issues. So far, he is the best financial planner I have ever met. Also, I have benefited from his consistent services, up-to-date email reports, quarterly newsletter and quarterly reviews. I can see that he has a lot of passion for financial planning, and he is able to explain to me all the information I wasn’t sure especially when there are changes in the investment market, government policies and changes in the financial market. My assets in both my investment and retirement have grown only to my advantage. I am confident that he will be able to provide a high standard of services beyond my expectations. I really hope that more people will benefit from his excellent follow-up services, expert knowledge and extraordinary attitude. I have invested some of my savings with him since 2001, and the performance of my investment has been excellent thus far. To date, for example, my CPF investment has yielded a return in excess of $80,000, equivalent to about 20% per annum. We have met up more than 20 times over the last 4 years. Thank you for conscientiously meeting me every 2 to 3 months to update me on the performance of my investment and financial plans. Every time we meet, you not only update my investment profit but always help me to re-balance my investment portfolio.

Ng Ching Ching, December 2018

Energy Market Authority (EMA)


Our family financial plan is taken care of by Andrew and I have known him for 35 years. Andrew will meet up with me regularly and there is never a time he will ask me to get something. We trust him for who he is as a person and I will only refer him to my contacts if people ever ask me for referral help.

Carmon Lee, May 2021


I know Andrew as a neighbour about 14yrs back. Soon because of his kindness and trustworthy, I became his friend and client. He is diligent in his work and has been very helpful.
The investment I did with him in the recent years did very well. I decided to double my capital for him to take care of my retirement plan.

Lewis Koh & Chantel Tae, June 2020

Sales, automotive industry & Bakery Chef


Andrew and his team has did LPA for me earlier on. With their professional help the processing was fast and easy.

Chew Qun Feng

Project Engineer, Comba Telecom


Andrew & his team are great. I am so glad have him supporting my needs for LPA.
*Excellent customer care & service
*One stop shop
Solve my concerns, provide a platform for Q&A and necessary paper works.
Would definitely recommend Andrew & team to my friends.
Ronnie Lim

Senior Key Account Director, M1 Limited


Hello, my name is Benedict. I have been with Raffles Provident LLP from the time I bought my boat, some 6 years ago. Hassle free and reasonable premiums. Good track records, and excellent level of service from Andrew.

Benedict Hiong Fen Chin

Business Owner

Over the years, Andrew has helped me with my insurance, my will and my LPA. Always helpful, warm and attentive. Highly recommended

Ivan Chia, May 2020

Operations Manager, Aviva Financial Advisers Pte Ltd


Raffles Provident has been my preferred general insurance provider for last ten years. Not only they offered us competitive insurance packages, they also assisted us to fine tune our business operations like digital marketing and mobile app

Vincent Ong

Managing Director, Mega Tech M&E Pte Ltd



Just done my LPA with the help of Andrew & his team. Really out of goodwill with no fee by helping us & get it done. Thumb up. 👍👍👍

Neo Li Li, March 2021

BizLink Rent-a-Car Pte Ltd

I personally know Andrew or Choon Her (his direct name) since young. Both of us came from farmers’ background and have gone through lot of hardship. Andrew is a honest and sincere person. We started the financial planning relationship for 17 years. He have help me grow both my money and CPF saving by a big amount. I trusted him and value our relationship. If the clock can turn back, I will still choose him to be my financial planner without regret.” With the set up of the Corporate general insurance, Raffles Provident I benefited many of the big online promotional insurance like personal accident and travel insurance. Andrew and his team are responsible people. – Ms. Neo Li Ching Manager of an American MNC.

Neo Li Ching, June 2017

Manager of an American MNC


Andrew is professional and committed. He understand what I need and able to cater plans that suit my needs and within my budget. This is a precious quality as we always buy something that we do not need.

Chua Kwee Fong, May 2021

IT consultant, NCS Pte Ltd

A Good Adviser

Andrew has been my financial planner since 2008. In the past 10 over year, he has provided a lot of good advise on how to manage my money. I have a peace of mind and do not have to worry about anything “bad” that can happen in the future. After so many years of support from him, I can say that He is not only a responsible financial advisor, he is also a good father and a good friend.
Chua Kwang Siong, Nov 2021


My name is May. I’m a single mom and I divorced my ex-husband back in 2004. He was jobless for ten over years and it was causing a strain on the family’s financial situation. He was unable to pay the maintenance fee and I struggled to support my son and our financial needs. I myself do not draw a high monthly salary as well. Just last year, my ex-husband had passed away. I did not know that I was able to claim a sum of money from his demise till I met up with Andrew, my close friend and financial consultant. I shared my struggles and worries with him.

Andrew brought up this ‘insurance unclaimed money’ where it allows me to claim proceeds from my ex-husband’s insurance. Initially, I doubted it as he was jobless and I was unaware of his CPF savings and insurance plans coverage. After intensive research, Andrew found out that my ex-husband was covered under an insurance plan and provided me help.

I write in to the insurance company to request an insurance claim. However, it was rejected twice as my child is below 16 years old, and was not eligible to make the claim. They said that I have to hire a lawyer to apply for a letter of administration to the court and I know it’s costly to get a lawyer. With his years of experience as well as his knowledge in insurance, he was able to assist me to get the waiver from hiring a lawyer and the claim was successfully filed. I was delighted that I was able to claim for the sum that was assured to lighten my financial burdens and support my child’s education.

May Neo, May 2021

Clinic Manager, Irene & Jon Clinic for Women


Niro Yong, June 2018

Executive, ST Kinetics

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