About Wealth Coach LLP

We focus on help individuals and business owners realize their potential and achieving their own success. We have previously served corporate clients like Sentosa Leisure Group, MCYS, and Volvo Asia conducting Financial Education Program.

Recently, we have expanded our scope of work to include and not limited to:

  1. Creating a mobile APP and create a system for your new start-up
  2. Human resource management system
  3. Finance for people without a finance background
  4. How to cultivate good habits to ensure balance in work, health and family
  5. Applying NLP on coaching and training
  6. Tax filing for a business owner
  7. Digital marketing strategies

When I was working on the plan to write this book, I conducted two digital marketing courses and sponsored some of the business owners. I spent three days training them on how to create websites, run Google and Facebook advertisements as well as a few other key digital marketing strategies. Thankfully, I received positive feedback for the two courses that I did.

Moving forward, I hope to continue this entrepreneurship sponsorship journey by running webinars to cover more relevant business management topics on #jobcreation project we are embarking on.

Do note the following

Private Wealth LLP is not licensed, approved, registered or otherwise regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) or any other applicable regulator in Singapore or otherwise regarding any of its activities. Nor does it holds itself out as being so licensed, approved, registered or otherwise regulated.

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